Using the Fragmented Mind – August 13 2017

The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgement.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
The more we live in a world that is grounded in meditation and our inner experience, the more we see that our quality of life is determined far less by the facts of our life than it is by the way our mind processes those facts. Correction of the intellect is essential. I can meditate from now until Doomsday and I won’t necessarily know how to change my own mood, or even recognize it as a possibility. This is something that must be learned, again and again, until we begin to counterbalance the years we have spent at the mercy of our negative thinking.
Deepak Chopra, one of the great popularizers of the Vedic approach to living, speaks about this issue of seeking an experience of wholeness within a mind that is fragmented, and the paradox of having to use this fragmented mind in the ‘un-fragmenting’ of itself. He has come up with a set of steps which he terms “a way to approach the tricky business of opening your mind.” Rather than to paraphrase him, I will quote his steps here in their entirety:
  1. Know that you are going to identify with your worldview at every stage of personal growth.
  2. Accept that these identifications are temporary. You will never be truly yourself until you reach unity.
  3. Be willing to change your identity every day. Take a flexible attitude. Don’t defend an “I” that you know is just temporary.
  4. Allow your ability to quietly observe without judgment to replace the ingrained ideas you reach for automatically.
  5. When you have the impulse to struggle, use that as an immediate signal to let go. Open a space for a new answer to unfold on its own.
  6. When you can’t let go, forgive yourself and move on.
  7. Use every opportunity to tell yourself that all viewpoints are valid, every experience valuable, every insight a moment of freedom.
Deepak Chopra,
Life After Death: The Burden of Proof
By following these steps, Dr. Chopra says that we will find ourselves able to open to the mind field itself–the place beyond our own fragmented individual mind to that place of pure Being, pure thought, freed of opinions and judgments; that we will be able to see the world as it is and ourselves and others as we truly are–perfect children of God; that we will move in the direction of the highest we can be.
Today I will pay attention to the way my mind is working. When I find myself in judgment, whether of myself or others, I will pause, let the judgment go, and ask myself who is the witness of the judgment? Who would I be without the judgment? And I will make a space of silence within for an answer.
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