Leap – September 7 2017

Faith is not jumping from A to B. Faith is jumping from A.
Anonymous, by way of Bird
In the Vedic worldview it is suggested that ‘figuring things out’ is not the best way, in general, to choose our way forward. Rather we are reminded, daily, of this amazing system that lives within each of us. Our own personal, internal connection to the flow of the whole of nature. We are shown that there is a perfection to the universe at each moment, and that we are an intrinsic part of that perfection. Not separate from, but at one with. The more we meditate and let go of our stresses, the more we are able to feel this connection. The more we find ourselves able to depend on this thing that pulses within.
We call it ‘the fine level of feeling.
The fine level of feeling is just that: a clear, precise indication of what we may do next, in what direction we may wish to proceed. Some may call it a hunch or an inspiration. Some may call it ‘the still, small voice.’ It is simply the result of being able to be fully present with ourselves and with our environment; able to live fully in our five senses; able to keep ourselves from identifying with our thoughts, feelings and stress releases so that we may become quiet enough within to feel the subtle tug of charm.
This is how the fine level of feeling works. It makes one thing seem just slightly more right, just slightly more charming in a given moment than any other thing, sometimes as if this one thing is perhaps dusted with gold. This is nature indicating to us the direction of evolution. Progressive change. This is the direction nature needs things to move in, and since we are at one with nature, it is the direction we need things to move in, as well. When we listen with our fine level of feeling, the direction of evolution will seem charming to us, and we will naturally want to move in the direction of this charm.
And when we can’t quite feel clearly the tug of charm? Or perhaps can’t understand why charm might be directing us here or there? We have a fallback option: we leap. We simply take a run in the direction that seems most right, and we leap.
If we don’t like where we land? We simply leap again.
Yes, we could try to figure out the best course of action, but that will give us only the best thinking of our intellect and/or our ego. It will only give us some partial version of what we already have experienced, something that our mind can understand. What we want, really, is to be aligned with something bigger than that. And what could be bigger than the evolution of nature?
It also bears noting that of the two – figuring out and leaping – almost invariably, leaping is more fun.
Today I will come to my senses, get present in my body, and try to discern the subtle tug of charm; and when I do, I will leap into some unknown. It may simply be trying a new restaurant. It may be telling someone I like him. It may be refusing to hear bad news as bad. Whatever it is, I will know that by making this leap, I am aligning myself with the flow of nature, and I will stay present enough to feel nature in its turn aligning itself with me.
Mustang, Crow Indian Reservation, Montana
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