Back to Basics III – October 13 2017

What you focus on with sustained intention is what you become.
William Tiller, Ph.D., in an interview
from the book Consciousness by Eva Herr
This universe in which we find ourselves is an observer-dependent universe.
Who is the observer?
God is the observer, nature is the observer, I am the observer.
Attention, observation–that which is attended to grows,
that which is observed is reflected back to the observer.
When I attend to God, my experience of God grows.
When I look for God, God is what I will find.
As I find God, God finds me.
When I observe the beauty that is the working of God
in the universe, that beauty is reflected in me.
Reflected back and forth
–me to God, God to me, ad infinitum–
there is no limit to what may be created.
This is an observer-dependent universe.
The universe is waiting for a cue from me:
what kind of universe do you want me to be?
Today I will look for the good in everyone and everything I see, and I will find it. And as I find the good in the world, the world will find the good in me. 
High Falls, Rochester, NY
All original material copyright © 2017 Jeff Kober