Back to Basics – October 11 2017

We absolutely insist on enjoying life.
from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
In our study of the world of spirit, we find absolutely that it is not the facts of our life that cause us to be happy or sad, but rather our point of view on those facts. Time and again we may worry, worry, worry about something, then one day find our self no longer worrying, even though nothing has changed but our point of view. We have somehow re-framed things, found our way to a new understanding of events, people, situations. For example, what yesterday may have looked like economic doom today may appear to be completely adequate to our needs, even though our bank balance has not shifted.
Sometimes these shifts happen on their own; but we also may bring them about by consciously and conscientiously doing the simple mental work required to see life through new eyes.
This is where we find the power of this paradigm we may call ‘The Vedic worldview.’ This set of ideas can help us to see all things from the broader, more whole, more expansive point of view the ideas offered to us through the Veda.
Here are some points to consider:
I Am That.
Thou Art That.
All This is Nothing but That.
What is That?
The whole of Creation is consciousness.
Consciousness is all that there is.
 If A equals B, and B equals C,
then A equals C.
I am, so I must be a part of the All. Of Totality. 
Consciousness is all there is.
Hence I must be consciousness.
The nature of consciousness is Bliss.
The nature of All-That-Is is Bliss.
The nature of myself must be Bliss.
What I am, in my least excited state,
is Bliss.
Beyond all these thoughts and feelings,
beyond all opinions, positions, history,
I am this place of pure Bliss.
Bliss is my nature.
Bliss is my birthright.
Bliss is my responsibility.
If I am not feeling Bliss in this moment, it is not because Bliss is unavailable.
It is because I have not yet located it.
It becomes my task then to locate it.
Here. Within the Self.
Now. In this moment.


Today I will remember that the nature of all that I am is Bliss, and I will find my way past every thought that tells me otherwise. I will find my way to that place that lies beyond thought, from which I may see and feel and experience the Bliss that is the truth of me, that is the truth of life.
Adele on Knocknarea, County Sligo, Ireland
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