Throwing Caution to the Wind – October 10 2017

You cannot really classify spiritual progress into any category and say logically that you can go from step 1 to step 2, and then to step 3. It’s an abandonment of everything. So, all rules are broken down and one moves towards the goal, throwing everything to the winds.
Sri M

There are no rules, except that there are no rules. 

In spiritual work, there must be a willingness to trust something other than one’s thinking, other than the ideas one has followed until now. There must be a continual decision to throw oneself into the flow of life, the flow of evolution that moves inevitably in the direction of oneness. There can be the choice, always, to love; and in those moments when it feels impossible to love – oneself or another – the insistence to ask how could this be possible? Who would I have to be to make this possible? What judgments of myself or others would I have to let go in order to allow this to be possible? And am I willing to let go, just this once, just as an experiment? Even if only to prove to myself clearly how wrong all the spiritual teachings of the world must be?

Today I will throw caution to the winds and choose to love, even myself, even those parts of me I find repellent.
Posing for a Tintype, Jazz Age Lawn Party, Governor’s Island, NY Harbor
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