A Working Theory of Life – December 3 2017

The all-pervasive universal energy field called consciousness is of infinite power and dimension beyond time and is compositionally nonlinear. It is the ‘light of the world’ as it emanates from the Unmanifest to the Manifest, from the nonlinear, infinite potentiality to its linear expression as the unfolding of Creation…
The power of the infinite field of consciousness and its infinite potentiality manifests as matter. Later, the interface of the Light of Divinity as the field of consciousness in its encounter with matter results in the emergence of the unique quality and energy of life itself… Matter plus evolution results in the dimension of ‘time’. Then, matter plus time is expressed as ‘space’, subsequent to which the existence of time, space, and matter is discernible by intelligence, an aspect of Divinity expressed as Life. …
Creation is capable of being known solely by virtue of the presence of consciousness, which is the very matrix of existence itself. Thus, consciousness is the irreducible a priori reality by which the linear is perceived by the subjective awareness of the nonlinear.
Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D, 
Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: 
The Stairway to Enlightenment, from the preface
I realize that the quote above is rather long and perhaps pedantic, so if you’re still with me, I thank you. I have let it stand as is because it is important for us find a way of understanding the world that is supportive of our spiritual growth, and Dr. Hawkins work is a brilliant place to begin.

For some it may be enough to say that God created the world, or perhaps that life arose spontaneously from matter. Neither of these ideas, though, is complete. They are merely statements that cannot either be proven or disproven; nor do they lead us to a working theory to help us in our actual day to day experience of life, some way to understand our place in things.

And this is what we seek, truly. To find our job here. What are we meant to be doing? What is the thing that, by our engagement in it, puts us in alignment with our Higher Self, with Life itself?

To break down the quote above, from the preface of Dr. Hawkins’ book, we might say the following:
  • There is a field of energy, infinite in every way, that exists beyond time and space, that simply Is.
  • This field of infinite potentiality is called consciousness.
  • From this field of consciousness arises the field of matter.
  • Later (a relative term, as we are without time or space), this field of consciousness expresses as the Light of Divinity.
  • From the interface of the Light of Divinity and matter arises life.
  • Consciousness then, evolving through matter as life, leads finally to the experience of consciousness known as intelligence.
  • Intelligence is the only way by which Creation may be known.
  • Thus we see that Consciousness is the beginning, the Source of all that is; and Consciousness is the end, the goal of all that is.
  • What is my job? To discover the Consciousness I am, to know the Consciousness I am, to embrace the Consciousness I am, to express the Consciousness I am. To become the intelligence that, as Consciousness, can see Consciousness as All-That-Is.

How do I do that? Consciousness is all I have to work with, so my job is to find more and more of it with each passing day. Everything I do is either an expansion of Consciousness or an avoidance of Consciousness. It’s that simple

Today I will wake up. I will be where I am. I will listen to the people I speak with. I will look for evidence of the Light of Divinity in every person, every situation, every moment of my day.
North Lighthouse, Block Island, Rhode Island
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