Change the Story – January 14 2018

From a reader of the Daily Thought:
On the album “Get a Grip,” as soon as the song ends, a radio is heard being tuned into a recording of “Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well”, recorded by Lucky Millinder. [Stephen] Tyler says, “So from all of us at Aerosmith to all of you out there, wherever you are, remember: the light at the end of the tunnel may be you. Good night.” Millinder’s orchestra plays as the music fades out.
We humans depend on story to ‘make sense’ of our world. We receive information which throws us into an experience of flight or fight and the intellect immediately begins its task of telling us a story: what this means about me or about the world; where it will take us; what we should have done to have prevented it; whose fault it is; what kind of hell are we heading to next? The intellect does this story-telling in order that I might find safety again.
But in real terms, I don’t need these stories. Nothing will be changed by me ‘getting the story right.’ There is no safety to be found in this thinking. All that I am doing is terrifying myself more, triggering more flight or fight, leading to more stories, etc.
And yet the mind will insist we ‘figure out’ the story.
If we let go of the endless stories of the intellect, we can drop into the story that underlies the whole of this universe – that regardless of divisiveness and difference here in the relative world, the most true thing is our oneness with each other, our oneness with consciousness itself.
None of us are prognosticators. We have no idea what happens next. Nor can any amount of thinking change the moment in which we find ourselves. And though we may not be able immediately to let go of the feelings coursing through our body, we can interrupt the story. We can step out of the endlessly speculating mind and into the the eternal Now. We can bring ourselves present to the feelings of grief, anger, disappointment, or sorrow that events have triggered in us, rather than to the thinking about them, and then get busy with the business of life.
What is that business? It is the business of consciousness knowing itself as the oneness. How do we do that? By insisting, again and again, to embody that truth regardless of the feelings and thoughts and opinions that might demand our attention to its opposite. By finding our own unique way to see past separation to the spirit that fills the whole of what is. By knowing this truth of the oneness of consciousness in every moment, and letting ourselves be the beacon of light that will remind those around us of that same truth that lies within each of them.
Today I will turn away from the news and the conversations of hopelessness and despair and choose, perhaps arbitrarily and against all good judgment, to remember that beneath all this chaos and angst is the healing truth of consciousness; and I will try to know it in myself; and I will try to see it in another.
You Only Get One Life, So Smile Please, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
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