The Truth of Oneness – February 4 2018

There is nothing to fear, and to live with this understanding is called holistic living. Holistic living is to live with the understanding the blissful Supreme Being pervades the entire universe and we are a part of it! To live like that, it has to be worked out in your mind. This is not a fantasy but a fact. The actual process by which this is made possible is known as ‘sadhana‘-meditation.
Sri M

There is an underlying truth to the universe. This truth is of oneness of all things, all people, always. You, me, everyone we’ve ever met, everyone we will ever meet.

The ‘truth’ of the relative world, the world of the mind, is difference and every possible opinion on what that difference means.

It is exceedingly difficult to change the opinions of another, especially if our opinions are diametrically opposed.

What we can do, instead, is to act from our own underlying truth, and recognize the underlying truth in the other. From this position, anything is possible.

This does not mean to stand by idly while evil is being perpetrated. It does mean, however,  to recognize that someone stating an ill thought-out opinion (or posting it on social media) is not perpetrating evil. They’re just talking.

Today I will take time to recognize the Self in me, and, when I see or hear some other person speaking from a vision of the world that does not match my own, I will remind myself that underneath those layers of opinion, they are Self, too.
Pigs and Chickens, Thurmont, Maryland
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