Fear of the Unknown – March 10 2018

One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Much fear and trepidation is in the air these days. It is there regardless of what political leanings we may have. Fear of the unknown future. Of what might happen, for good or for ill, as we step into the new paradigm of these  next few days.

Fear is a natural, human/animal reaction to the unknown. To the new. It is our survival mechanism operating to keep us present to all possibilities, in order that we may be ready to fight or to flee. With such political upheaval as we are experiencing in our democratic republic, it is a given, and is in no way to be ignored.

However, we make a mistake when we live in the speculation of our thinking in reaction to this fear. The truth is this: speculation leads always and only to suffering.

Not only that, but to live in the speculation of our intellect is to take us out of the very place we must be in order fully to meet whatever situation comes next: present moment awareness.

We humans are purpose-built machines, designed to be at our best when we are challenged; designed perfectly to respond to any and all challenges that may come our way; designed to adapt to the unexpected and the unknown; designed to go beyond the self-imposed limits our fear places on our abilities. 

The ego wishes only for sameness, for it is in this sameness it feels safety. In the ever-repeating known. The spirit of us, however seeks the new, for it is in this experience of the new that spirit can push us beyond ourselves and our limitations into the ownership of our true potential.

Leave speculation to the TV news pundits and Facebook trolls. Get present to the ever-new, ever-shifting now. Be ready for what is to come, whatever it may be. Be ready to accept the truth of what you are, which is greatness waiting only to be called upon.

Today I will notice when I am living in speculation and fear, and I will bring myself present to my world, wherever I may be. I will bring my attention to my surroundings, to the sensations in my body, to the light of the sun, and of life itself, shining all around me. I will be ready for anything, knowing that to welcome the next moment, whatever it may be, is my job description as this human expression of the divine.
Jacqui at Sunrise, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
All original material copyright © 2018 Jeff Kober