Asking for Help – April 17 2018

(This writing is from last year, during our time in India…)

A couple of days ago I was standing in the street here in Rishikesh, talking with some friends, when suddenly I felt something poke into my backside. When I turned around, I saw a Brahma bull. Fortunately his horns were rather short and rounded on the ends, so the poke (or goose, though I imagine ‘gore’ would be the more correct word) was probably as gentle as a bull poke could be. 
I wasn’t in his way. He hadn’t been asking me to move, per se. When I reached out to scratch his hump, he dropped his head, nodding in pleasure. It seems he just had an itch he couldn’t get to, and he picked the most bull-friendly human he could see to help him out. I was happy to oblige. It has become my fondest memory of the evening.
There are metaphors here to be spoken to, but I’m just going to go with simple and true, as I understand it:

All we living creatures need each other; and

we don’t always know how to ask for help, so we reach out with whatever tool we might have at hand.

Love is the currency of the universe. It is the flow of love from one of us to another that feeds our spirit, that fills us up. When someone reaches out to us, they most often are reaching out for love – though they may see love as need for money or approval, apology or argument, attention or recognition in some form. They may just need a scratch in a place they can’t reach themselves. No matter how they ask, it’s not personal. The way they ask is a report on their own experience of life, their own shortcomings. A report on their state of consciousness. It’s not a report on me. If I can remember this, and remember not to take it personally, I might actually have an opportunity to be of service. I might actually gain a return of gratitude from whatever bull has stumbled across me as a possible source of help.
And as it turns out, the feeling of giving, for fun and for free, is always better than having my own itch scratched.

Today I will try to see beyond what someone is saying or doing – to me – in order to see the place within her or him who wants only for love.
Peace and love from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
Flower Girls, Ganges River, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
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