Enthusiasm – April 13 2018

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek enthousiasmos meaning, variantly, “possession by a god,” or “having a god within.” 
Left to our own devices, we see ourselves as these bodies, these thoughts, these feelings. We wander from experience to experience, looking for respite or joy, rest, fun, relaxation, love. Satiety. Looking to be filled up. And occasionally the world will show us an experience that pulls us out of the mundane and into the grand, into the place of seeming filled up with life or filled up with our experience of another. 
How can we make this happen without having to wait for the world to align itself to give us the experience? Where do we look to find this enthusiasm? The meaning from the Greek tells us it has to do with God, but it’s more specific than that. It’s not just about finding God. It’s about finding God within. If we look at those times that life has pulled us out of self and into the stream of things, it’s because we’d found some reason within to be fully present, to give ourselves to an experience; or because someone else came to us with their enthusiasm and pulled us along till we were having the experience along with them.
So simple, and yet it must be profoundly difficult or we would be doing it all the time, and we’re not. But I can do it right now. Today. I can stop looking for God out there, stop looking to be fixed or filled-up out there, and look for God within. I can sit for 20 minutes to begin my day, grounding myself in this inner experience. I can let something within guide me. I can insist that God show up for me and fill me up. Possess me. Use me in the way I am meant to be used. Enthusiastically.
Dear God, please use me today in the way I am meant to be used. Enthusiastically. 

Padayatri on Walk of Hope,somewhere in India
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