To Behold the Lord – April 11 2018

To behold the Lord in every being or form, to feel Him everywhere, at all times and in all conditions of life, to see, hear, taste and feel everything as God, is my creed.
To live in God, to melt in God, and to dissolve in God, is my creed.
Swami Sivananda
If we pay attention to our thoughts as we walk through the days and nights of our life, we find, more often than not, that we are thinking about someplace other than where we are, someone other than whom we are with. In a word, most of our time is spent in speculation. What has to happen next, what should have happened this morning or yesterday or when I was twelve. This is our mind seeking happiness for us, working and reworking the facts of our life to come up with an equation that will equal a happy, fulfilled self. 
Unfortunately, happiness is only available in the present moment, and to live in this speculating mind is the exact opposite of present moment awareness.
What do we do? We come to our senses. Get present to what we are seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, hearing. Feel our feet upon the floor, the sun upon our cheek. Listen to the hubbub and traffic noise of an LA day, or the lowing of cattle and barking of dogs in the Montana springtime. Taste the memory of coffee on the tongue and smell the newsprint scent of the Times. This is the price of admission.
Admission to what? Heaven on earth.
We are told that life is an out picturing of consciousness. Consciousness is all that there is. Consciousness creates from itself. All that exists is the work of consciousness made of the stuff of consciousness. As I align my individual experience of consciousness with this wholeness, I begin to be able to recognize the wholeness for what it is, in truth. What it is, is God. And when I am at one with it, that, indeed, is heaven.
Today I will insist on being present to life, insist on feeling myself at one with consciousness, insist on enjoying the moments of my day, no matter how dire they may seem to be. For if God is here in this moment, the one thing of which I can be sure is that this God wants nothing for me but joy, and I will take it as my assignment today, in this moment, to find it.

Giri Baba, Jhilmil Gufa, Uttarakhand, India
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