My Assignment for the Day – June 12 2018

In the beginning there was desire, which was the
first seed of mind; sages, having meditated in
their hearts, have discovered by their wisdom the
connection of the existent with the nonexistent.
The Hymn of Creation, Rig Veda
It is interesting to note in studies of spiritual works and ideas the ways in which these ideas often are misunderstood or misinterpreted. One of the primary examples of this is around the subject of desire.
Supposedly based upon Buddhist scripture, the idea often is touted that we must be rid of desire in order to end suffering.
This, it turns out, is not the case. It is not possible to be rid of desire. Desire lives within us. It rises up unbidden. It is as much a part of our makeup as is the flow of blood in our veins. What is thirst, if not the desire for liquid? Or hunger, if not the desire for food? What is curiosity but the desire for knowledge? And finally, without our longing for unity, love, connectedness, wholeness, how could we even begin to find our way back to God?
Desire is nature’s way of communicating with us, a guide to show us, moment by moment, the direction of the flow of evolution. The direction in which nature would have us move. By paying attention to our desires, we accept our place in the movement of the laws of nature. We accept our status as agents for cosmic change. For the only thing nature ever is doing is evolving, and it will use us as expressions through which it can evolve, as well as messengers, guides, harbingers, teachers to the other expressions of nature, the other people, whose paths we cross.
Nature may give me a desire for a cup of coffee, but what it really is up to is getting me in position to be seen by somebody who will be affected by my presence, by the words I may have to say, maybe by the book they can see me carrying under my arm. Nature has its own ideas of what must occur. It just knows that with me, the idea of a good cup of coffee is a rather foolproof way to bring me on board.
My job is to build a relationship within so that I may be grounded in the Self. From this place of connection, it is my job to seek happiness in my experience of the world. As I seek happiness, I naturally will pay attention to the way I feel about things as they are happening, and in this way I will be able to discern the subtle tug of charm that always may be found within, and which will guide me, step by step, in the direction of evolution. When I follow in the direction of evolution, I will find myself in my right life–no second guessing, no wondering ‘what if’ or ‘if only,’ no lingering on past failures or feared future traumas; but rather a full, sweet experience of here and now, today, and its infinity of possibilities.
Today, grounded in the Self, I will seek happiness in all the moments of my life, knowing that by doing so I am fulfilling my assignment for the day.
Stone Lion, Studio City, CA
All original material copyright © 2018 Jeff Kober