A Course in Vedic Knowledge, Part Three

September 16, 17 and 18, 2017

The Veda, the foundation of teachings from which our meditation practice comes, is a vast storehouse of knowledge and information, a basic understanding of which will improve one’s practice of meditation and build up one’s capacity for correction of the intellect. These are the tools necessary to have the life of our dreams, a life of peace, prosperity and happiness.

IMG_1375We are happy to announce Jeff is teaching another round of A COURSE IN VEDIC KNOWLEDGE. We have scheduled the third installment to take place the weekend of September 16, 17 and 18, 2016. This is a live course of some 8-10 hours of instruction in which we will continue to lay the foundation of an understanding of the Vedic world view.

The course begins on Friday night around 7 pm. The second day of the course begins on Saturday morning at 8 am continues to about 4 pm. The third day of the course begins on Sunday at 8 am and goes to about 2 pm. Snacks are served Friday night and a light breakfast and lunch are served on Saturday and Sunday.

The course will be conducted here in Studio City, or via Skype

Course participants will learn to access the wisdom that is available within the movement of the laws of nature, and thereby how to embrace one’s highest evolutionary path at any given moment. In the first course you will get an advanced technique to help you in your meditation practice.

Cost for the course is $600 and includes meals and refreshments throughout the weekend.

This course is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to expand their understanding of the Vedic world view, and who wishes to take a next step in their commitment to leading a life of joy and productivity.

The course itself also is a prerequisite for anyone desiring to become a teacher in our tradition, and the first installment is a prerequisite for our other advanced course, MASTERING THE SIDDHIS.

The prerequisite for the course is having completed A Course in Vedic Knowledge, Parts One and Two, or the course, Exploring the Veda, Parts One and Two.

If you would like to listen to recordings of these courses in order to participate, please write or call as below:

To register, please email Adele, or call: 818.209.9008 and or link through on the left to make a payment through Paypal