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The first step in learning to meditate is to attend a complementary Introductory Talk.

There you will hear an overview of the practice itself, a detailed discussion of the benefits of the practice and you will be given an opportunity to sign up for a course of instruction. Current research, theoretical issues, and all your concerns will be addressed in this one-hour session.

We regularly offer four day courses in Vedic Meditation.

Attend a complimentary Introductory Talk. This lasts about one hour. The talk will answer all your questions about Vedic Meditation and you will be given an opportunity to sign up for the course.

The meditation course itself is  offered over four days, about ninety minutes each day. At the end of these four days you will have all the tools and information you will need to make Vedic Meditation a regular and powerful part of your daily life.

All those who have taken a Vedic Meditation course are welcome to repeat these courses. Check our calendar page for more information on upcoming courses in your area.

Please register below for the next intro talk in your area, you will receive an email with the location and contact details.


Link through here for upcoming talks.

Eventbrite - Introduction to Meditation with Jeff Kober