FAQ-India Retreat 2017


February 11 to 22, 2017


A Passage to India

Do I need to practice Vedic Meditation to attend this retreat?

It is a prerequisite that you practice Vedic or Transcendental meditation as a participant on this retreat. If you don’t, but would like to learn, we can arrange to teach you on the first four days of the retreat, or you can come learn before. Please contact Adele.

What if I choose to learn Vedic Meditation on the retreat?

You may, and you will pay $500 extra for the meditation course. Please email Adele for details.


Will I need spending money?

You will need some money for laundry, food, internet connection in Rishikesh and also to purchase gifts, which are inexpensive by Western standards. The dollar is very strong and will go a long way.

Will there be lots of poverty and crime in India?

Not where we’re going. Rishikesh has a nice blend of tourism and Indian culture. It’s relatively clean, and there is no alcohol, smoking, or meat anywhere in the area.

Should I plan to do some sight seeing before or after the retreat?

We have arranged a trip before the Rishikesh retreat for those who’d like to see sights in New Delhi and take a trip to Taj Mahal.

Is traveling alone to India safe? (Especially for women?)

We’re arranging it so no one has to be alone unless they choose to be. Many of the transfers from the states are in London or Dubai, so people will often be linking up with other attendees there, and at the very least you will meet the group or the travel agent at the Delhi airport.


What are the chances that I’ll get sick?

If you follow the no hands or tap water in the mouth and no ice in your drinks rule, you will most likely stay healthy. No vaccinations are required either.

What is the latest that I can sign up?

To lock in the current prices, it’s best to register now. The longer you wait to register, the higher the chance of our prices increasing, which means the overall price may increase; not to mention, airfares will go up as well. You will also need at least a month to get your Indian Visa.


Is food included on the retreat?

Some meals are, but meals in Rishikesh are very inexpensive. Average $3-$5 for a meal. And there are a variety of cuisines available, not just Indian food.


How long does it take to get a visa?

About a month. Go to this web site to apply for a visa.

How many people will be on the retreat?

We anticipate that there will be between 20 and 30 people. Certainly no more than 35.

What’s an example of the daily schedule?

Rounding in the morning, followed by breakfast. Knowledge meeting in the mid-morning, followed by lunch and either free time or a visit to a sacred temple or Vedic site in the early afternoon. Then, late afternoon rounding, followed by dinner, and a night-time check-in.

Can I bring a friend who hasn’t learned VM or TM?

To get the full experience, it is a prerequisite that all participants are Vedic or transcendental meditators. However, there is an option for people to learn meditation on the retreat as well.

Register for the retreat by writing Adele