Joy of Living Workshop

Living a Life Filled with Joy
I am happy to announce this two day workshop I will be teaching with my dear friend and esteemed colleague, Jacqui Lewis, this month in Sydney.
In this one weekend course, we will study the process of being human from the prospect of mind, ego, patterns, behaviors, and come to a more wholistic understanding of our human ability to access joy. 
The good news is that joy is right here, within each of us, simply waiting for us to look in the right direction, using the most correct tools, to make itself available to us. This Workshop is designed to equip you with those tools and to help you open the door that your own light may shine most fully. 
Some of the topics we will be covering: 
Saturday 1 
Jeff Talk: Self Destruction and Staying Small 
Why does the ego keep us tiny, and protected and what to do about it 
Jac Exercise: The Voices In Our Head 
Understanding our higher voice and our ego voice
Saturday, 2 
Jeff Talk: Dharma and Purpose 
Why are we here, what’s our role and how can we fulfil it 
Jac Exercise: Values and Goals
Sunday 1 
Jeff Talk: Contraction vs Expansion 
Understanding flow states and emotional, physical and conscious expansion 
Jac Exercise: Breath work exercise and Group Meditation 
Jeff talk: Creativity As A Path To Higher Consciousness 
Creativity not just an artistic pursuit, but a daily embodiment of living in alignment 
Jac Exercise: Creative Living Exercise 
Tools to live in alignment and more joyfully 
The daily structure will be a full day, 9am – 6pm, of lectures, talks, q&a and meditations and exercises designed to implement the tools we have designed to apply the principles of manifestation and joyful living. 
We will have a 1.5 hour lunch break in the middle of the day as well as coffee breaks for you to gather your thoughts and chat and socialise. The Workshop will take place in a beautiful, quiet covered space with lots of fresh air and a huge internal garden in Paddington. 
This workshop is open to all. A daily practice of Vedic meditation will enhance this knowledge and your experience but it is not a prerequisite. 
We hope to see you in a few weeks time.