Here’s what others are saying:

Vedic Meditation is changing my life. My family and friends notice a difference in my focus and emotional disposition. The serenity I feel while meditating comes through to my relationships with my husband and daughter. When I miss an evening sitting, I most definitely feel a disconnect and impatience which can send me spiralling into emotional outbursts.

Thank goodness for this simple, loving practice you have taught me, Jeff.

Sigute Miller

Hi Jeff, this is Jeff.

I am consistently amazed at the transformative power of this simple practice. I have long been a chronic insomniac who has been told by more than one mental health professional that I would probably never be able to sleep well without medication. Well, it is six weeks today without a sleep aid of any kind. I sleep better than I ever did.

There are depths of consciousness that I never even suspected, let alone imagined; and I’m nowhere near the deep end(hell, I’m still wading).

I am deeply grateful.

Jeff Robinson

I feared that I wouldn’t have ‘time’ to sit for 20 minutes twice a day to meditate. But I have, and in a way it’s as though I have more time in my day, as if being more present allows for each moment to be more abundant. I don’t race through my day checking off my to-do list, yet everything gets done. I feel like more of a human being than a human doing. Thanks, Jeff, for guiding me in my new-found commitment to meditation!

Gabrielle Yuro, producer

My twice daily meditation is now a treasured part of my day and I am so grateful to Jeff not only for teaching me the technique, but for inspiring me to give this gift to myself consistently.

Galia Balaban

I have spent decades attempting to find a meaningful practice of meditation. Now, I am surprised to realize I am coming up on two years of meditating twice daily. This practice has given me a sense of belonging in this world I’ve always felt like an outsider living in. Jeff Kober is my teacher and consider myself very grateful to have found him.

David Palmer, Photographer

I did not think I could ever meditate as my mind never stops and my body cannot be still. I thought that meditation is for other people and not me. I finally agreed just to come and listen to your Introduction to Meditation and I found myself wanting to learn to meditate. No one was more shocked than I was that I could actually meditate. I now do it twice a day and my mind and body quiet down, I go into a deeper place in my being and find myself more relaxed and awake and ready to do my day or night.. It feels good to say my mantra and see where I go. So Jeff, I thank you for just smiling when I kept telling you I couldn’t do it. Your look just said “of course you can.”

Susan Tyler, casting director

Since I have started meditating I am SO much more interesting. (just kidding…..) Jeff’s presence as my friend and teacher is gently encouraging me to show up for myself. The journey of meditation is inspiring me to make friends with the mystery of self and nature – it’s allowing light into the dark spaces that I have feared.

Leslie Liberman, healer/body worker

Thanks for teaching me meditation, as I hope it continues to help me through these difficult times, as well as making life more enjoyable and liveable.

Laura, mother